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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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fortress europe. e.u. ministers meet to discuss plans to fends off unwanted refugees. ♪ ♪ hello there, i am shiulie ghosh. natural owe warns russia it's ready to defends turkey if its airspace is violated again. the israeli prime minister banned politicians from visiting aal-aqsa mosque compound following more clashes in the west bank. asia's toxic fires choke parts of southeast asia.
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♪ ♪ hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers could be departed from europe within weeks. under plans to be discussed by e.u. justice? luxembourg on thursday. leaders of france and germany have urged unity. neave barker reports from strasburg. >> reporter: if ever there was a rallying crime cry for europe, here it was. when chancellor america and president hollande arrived at the faced a continent beset by challenge. ukraine conflict, youth up moment and the linger the effects of greek death. but it's the humanitarian crisis and the arrival of nearly a hill million refugeeses has crete eia rift between those that want to keep them out and those that wants to help.
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they have been patrolling the water hoping to tackle peek smuggling, 3,000 people have died trying to make the cross to go europe this year. hung gare, the czech republic, romania and slovakia have all rejected to plans to share refugees numbers across the continent, but president hollande urged the 28-neighborhood assembly to overcome differences and rise to the challenge. >> translator: building each crisis fee fears emerge, we cant live dominate by fear. there is a temptation to refeet in to the national shell each time there is a choice us, cris. nothing is more inning vain than to turn inwards on oneself. >> translator: we plus not fall pray to the desire to act nationally in these moments. we must to the contrary act together. it is precisely now that we need europe more.
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we need more than ever before the cohesion and courage that europe has always shown in the past. >> reporter: but as the two leaders pressed for greater solidarity between states and with refugees, it became apparent that behind closed doors european officials remember working on plans this leaked document says that $900 million will be earmarked to remove people without the proper paperwork. the last time the leaders of france and germany gave a joint address to the european parliament here was 26 years ago. a matter of weeks after the fall of the berlin wall. back then, the rhetoric was all about expansion now it's all about overcoming challenges. [ technical difficulties ] a time of inning paralleled
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strain. al jazeera, strasburg. >> sonya joins us from luxembourg, ministers will be meet to go talk about this issue? and you what they will be discussing is a tougher, deportation policy. >> reporter: yes, that's right today thursday these interior ministers from around europe will be sitting down on how to discuss these pressures and going about deporting people. they will have to come up with the appropriate paperwork. also talking in to account there are a lot of what of economic migrants that come in through these ways illegally in to the country and those will need to actually be sent back. the cause of this is because of the actual crisis that europe has reached its points which
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they say many countries indeed on the periphery of europe have been dealing with the deluge of people coming in and saying they can't cope. they are now facing a point where they have to decide on how and who gets to stay here. and for how long. >> indeed. and this evening those ministers are going to be joined by delegations from other countries which have seen a lot of refugees coming through turkey, jordan, lebanon and they'll be talking about how to stem those migrant flows. >> reporter: yes. that's right. and also with particular focus being put on turkey. they have said that it's -- turkey which is a specific point here, as turkey has liberalized its visa, for example, many more subsaharan africans who may not necessarily be seeking refugees status but would be attempting to enter europe for economic
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means have now the possibility and, indeed have had for the past few years to be able to cross quite easily in to turkey with relative ease. and from there, many then go onto try and enter european union territories through those ways, through those methamphetamine you hads by boats and people smugglers, that's another point. they have said certainly places in turkey are also hubs for those people smuggling networks. and what is needed now, they say, is actually for the european union to actually band together and really try to tackle out these specific issues and see thousand howe they can be resolved to try and see who are the genuine refugees and who are trying to enter our found economic means. >> sonya, thank you very much indeed for that. sonya gallegos in yo luxembourg.
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nato says it's ready to defend turkey if its airspace is violate again. the secretary general has been speaking in brussels ahead of a meeting of defense ministers, they are expected to discuss russian military activity in syria and ukraine and the situation in afghanistan. syria we have seen a troubling escalation of russian military activities. we will assess the latest developments and the implications for the security of the alliance. this is particularly relevant in the view of the recent violations of nato's airspace by russian aircraft. nato is able and ready to defend all allies, including turkey against any threats. and one of the main reasons why we have increased the readiness, the preparedness of our forces, while we have doubled the size
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of the nato response force, while we have established very high readiness joint task force, while we have increased the efficiency of the decision making, all of this is a response both to the challenges that we see to the east, but also to the challenges we see to the south. >> online video shows a rebel group in syria with a russian-made tank in idlib province, the tank with them is one of the most sophisticated of its kind. it's not clear when the tank was captured and from whom of the group is part of the free syrian army. russia has fired cruise missiles at tagger net syria in a major display of military power. warships in the caspian sea more than 1200-kilometer as way was involved. moscow says it's targeting isil but some of have hits western-backed rebels. >> reporter: from the casto an
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sea 1200 kilometers from the fighting, russia opened a second front in the syrian war unleashing a salvo of cruise missiles at isil positions. they were launched without warning by russia's powerful caspian so flow till actual these images quickly broadcast on russian state television. the targets were well within reach. russia said it obtained permission from iran and iraq to flyover their territory. russia released graphics showing the course of the missiles over iran and iraq, but avoiding southeastern turkey. the president was briefed on the strike. >> translator: this morning we engaged the caspian flotilla ships, four vessels launched 26 cruise missiles on 11 targets, data indicates that all targets were destroyed and no civilians were harmed.
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>> reporter: the miss ill strike was societily unexpected and does beg the question as to why russia would target isil positions 1200-kilometers way when it's got a large fighter bomber force on the ground in syria carrying out daily strikes against isil. well, it would go to reminds the west of russia's military reach in this conflict. and in rome, the u.s. secretary of defense ash carter formally ruled out any military cooperation with russia. >> i have said before that we believe russia has the wrong strategy. they continue to hit targets that are not isil. we believe this is a fundamental mistake. despite what the russians say we do not agree to cooperate with russia so long as they continue to pursue mistaken strategy and hit these targets i'm disappointment from president putin who had hope today persuade the u.s. to join his coalition against isil.
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party sharp, al jazeera, how course. israeli mine perimeter benjamin netanyahu has ordered police to prevent government ministers from going to al-aqsa compound trying to east tension as crossize reel and the occupied west bank, fight ago cross the west bank has led to the deaths of five palestinians and four israelis since sunday. a palestinian driver was also shot and wounded by israeli soldiers, officials say he tried to run over a policeman at a checkpoint. former u.s. president bill clinton has told al jazeera he thinks benjamin netanyahu can make some kind of deal with the palestinians. >> i think it's not inconceivable we could have a mega effort there because the -- a lot of the arab states are saying to israel, look, well like to join you in this and get guarantee that iran doesn't threaten our security, stability or serenity in the future but we
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have to resolve this. now, how long do they have to provide peaceful, lawful, nonviolent government before they can get their state? mr. netanyahu's problem previously was that he had so many people on his right that were part of his coalition. the last election in israel, everybody talked about how well netanyahu did. true. but labor actually picked up two seats. he did well by collapsing the opposition on his right and having them come to him. so he is now in a better position than he's been in a long time for make some sort of more comprehensive agreement with the palestinians. if, but only if he can sale it as part of an approach. with people who will help them be secure against terror and iran. so, you know, it might happy. wouldn't write it off.
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u.s. press barack obama has called the charity doctors without boarders to apologize for the u.s. bombing of a hospital in afghanistan. the u.s. said the air strike which killed 22 people including 12 medical personnel was a mistake. aid group wants an independent investigation. >> the president assured dr. lou that the department of defense investigation currently underway would provide a transparent, thursday on and objective accounting of the facts. and circumstances of the incidents. and if necessary, the president would implement changes that would make tragedies like this bun less likely to occur in the future. still to come here on the program, we'll be reporting from pakistan administered kashmir 10 years after a massive earthquake devastated the rena region, and breaching another male bastion. we meet the first female star ahead to compete in australia's endurance car race in nearly two
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beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. ♪ ♪ quell back, you are watching al jazeera. let's reminds you of the main stories now. e.u. home affairs and justice ministers will be meeting in luxembourg to discuss how to tackle the refugees crisis. there are plans to en cries deportations of economic migrants and strengthen external borders. nato says it's ready to defend turkey if its airspace is violented again. the secretary general was speaking ahead of defense ministers. israeli prime minister
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benjamin netanyahu has ordered police to prevent government ministers from entering alex is mosque compound seen as a move to trying to ease tensions after more violence across israel and the occupied west bank. the u.n. says a deal to form a unity government in libya is getting closer. the u.n. special representative has been tasked with bringing together libya's rival government. he says talks to reach a final agreement are nearing conclusi conclusion. >> after consultations with all the libyans participating in this national dialogue i come here to tell you that despite we have been waiting for the g.n.c. to make a decision today, and unfortunately decision has not been one we were expecting in terms of proposing names not national unity government.
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but we have decided to go on and we will continue working on the formation of this unity government and hopefully tomorrow we will be able to propose this government. the saudi-led coalition in yemen is being accused of bombing yet another wedding. witnesses say 13 people killed and 38 others injured in the attack on a rebel-tell down. it's the second such attack in recent weeks, riyadh denied bombing a wedding in september. more than 130 people were killed in that attack. yemen's ute i rebels have confirmed their commit to him a u.n. peace plan, they have written to the u.n. second general saying they were willing to commit to a ceasefire and withdraw from captured territory including the capita sanaa. the rebels verbally agreed to the plan last month. the yemeni government insist the houthis must withdraw before any dialog can take place. iraqi forces have retaken
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several areas north and south of the city of rah familiar ramad. they have been backedded by u.s. coalition airstrikes at least 14 isil fighters and eight iraqi soldiers reported to be killed. this video purports to show isil fighters viking back at government troops. it's been 10 years interim one of the pos most did he strike tf earthquakes on record hit kashmir, more than 80,000 people died mostly in pakistan administered cash near, an estimated 4 million people were left homeless just before the start of harsh him lay an winter,. >> reporter: the magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck at 10 to 9:00 mount on morning, centered here in pakistan administered kashmir and felt across pakistan, afghanistan and india. more than 70% of those hurt or killed are believed to have been in the regional capital sitting on one side of the fault line.
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it is a town nestled on the other side. when the caught hit the shallow fault ruptured the surface. both were almost completely leveled. more than a thousand remote villages also suffered major damage. 600,000 homes were destroyed, along with 6 1/2 thousand schools, 800 hospitals and medical centers, and almost 6,000-kilometers of road. that's in addition to the more than 80,000 people who died and another hundred thousand who were injured. outside aid poured in, more than $5 billion. but getting help to people in remote areas was difficult in an area plagued by aftershocks. and bad weather, mountainous terrain, landslides and blocked roads hampered relief efforts. 10 years on, much as been rebuild, particularly the main centers like the city. but villages in remote areas say they have been neglected and are
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still living in the rubble. >> al jazeera's kamal hider traveled to see how much of the ream unhas yet to recover. >> reporter: the 2005 earthquake destroyed almost 60% of this city. pakistan asked for international helpful billions of dollars poured in from around the world. but the government said it still needs more money to complete ongoing projects. already we have been able to see the school children studying under open skies. >> they also need just like our children, they need. [ inaudible ] they need a good classroom, good atmosphere, good ground, they also have a right. >> reporter: despite the fact that the government has put in considerable money to rebuild kashmir, there are over a thousand schools that have yet to be rebuilt. these people have been sitting out in the open for at least 10 years now. and, of course, classes here are
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subject to weather. the government now plans to build a brand-new prime minister house and a president house here in the city. but people say that money should be spent on these children and rebuilding their schools. more than a million hectares are forest and bush in indonesia a been burned. 10s of thousands of people have suffered health problems because of hayes and the government is accused of being inning text in its response, step vaessen reports. >> reporter: borneo's forest ares fire. emitting dangerous greenhouse gases instead of oxygen. the fire is raging inside the thick layers of pete and nearly impossible to stop. they are causing a haze of smoke causing 10s of those of indonesian to his fall ill. the government has sent in the
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military but experts say it's all too little too late. it was known months ago that i indonesia would be hit by drought d due to the el nino weather pattern. >> i think the government has all the regulations, and the intention to stop this from happening. but it's about enforcement. again, most of the work that will be meaning. should have been done before the fires happened. before the el nino year happened. >> reporter: to protect one of the last remaining rain forests, this conservation company have hired villagers who traditionally practice slash and burn tech makes instead of setting them on fire the former loggers and farmers now guard 200,000 heck tars of carbon-rich trees. >> translator: every time we plant trees they never get a chance to grow and be productive because they are always destroyed by fire. that's why i have decided to
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help stop the fire. >> reporter: not only the farmers burn, plantations do true, so far only one has lost its license. a company neck to the rain forest the rail individualers are trying to protect is under investigate. on the border of one of the remaining rain forests construction is closing in. most of the haze is coming from fires and although this one seems to be now under chrome, deep down the fire can rage on for many months and flare up every minute. this resident has instructed ca signals should be dug to keep the land wet to stop the fires. experts warn it drains water and increases fire risk. the government admits more should have been done to prevent this disaster. >> translator: from the start of the year the president has already warn today prevent the
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fires. his orders were very clear. the sectors, the fires did happen. meaning our preventive measures have to be improved. >> reporter: indonesian government leaders have yet to involve the communities considered crucial to solve the crisis. indonesia's disaster exactly hope to his stop the fires by the end of the month. many say that's far too optimistic. cuba and the u.s. have agreed to speed up business cooperation. the u.s. commerce secretary has been meeting the cuban minister of foreign trade and investment in havana. the secretary u.s. cabinet member to visit cuba following john kerry. the trade embargo still remains and can be lifted only with congressional approval. now, brazil generally president dilma ru rousseff has lost a major legal battle. a court has ruled the government
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broke the law in managing last year' budgets. the federal accounts court says the administration borrowed money illegally from state-owned banks for make up for budget shortfalls during the elect. the government said it would appeal again to the top court to overthrow the decision. the u.n. high commissioner for human rights has expressed concerns about mexico's human rights record. he said soldiers should be questioned over the disappearance of 43 students last year. >> many of the issues raised by my predecessor four years ago remain of concern. and many of the people i have spoken to, painted a very bleak and consistent picture of a society that is racked by high levels of insecurity, disappearances and killings continuing harassment of human rights defenders and journalists, violence against well, and terrible abuses of migrants and refugees transiting
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the country on their way to the united states. britain a.m.'s prime minister says religious schools found to be radicalizing young people could be closed down in his speech david cameron proposed schools offering intensive religious study should register for inspections. he says he wants to confront what a calls a deceased view of. world leading homegrown british youth to join isil. ukraine's president has praised a decision by pro-russia separatists to post point lexes. sake the delay is a sign of progress in fragile peace negotiations. elects held in regions regions separatists control will take place in february to be sure a compromise can be reached. three countries devastated by the he pope a epidemic have had their first week in 18 months without any new cases. but the world health organization is warning there is still a risk of another outbreak. more than 11,000 people have
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died of the disease in liberia, guinea and sierra leone. australia's biggest annual motor race kicks off this weekend and for the first time in 17 years, an all-woman team will be competing. andrew thomas reports. >> reporter: in a sport dominated by men, the novelty of female drivers brings attention. the v8 super car race is an inning insurancinning endurance. they are the first female pair to to compete it in for seven jeans years17years, but profess. the ladies are used to standing out. >> it just starts from the beginning when we look at go-karting hundreds of boys and maybe five girls, so then right in the beginning the ratio is
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much different. >> reporter: it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to compete in this race. ability and possibility of winning attract sponsors but so does novelly. gracie says men suggest she gets more support than them because she can wear a kurt skir skirt k april i in general men are supportive. one in particular, racing against gracie will be her boyfriend, last year he came fifth. your own hopes for this weekend to beat your girlfriend or win is race? >> i think really important, i won't hear the end of it if she beats me. >> reporter: reasonably big in australia. v8 superstar racing is fairly in addition internationally. formula one is the pi pinnacle f motor sport there hasn't been a woman in a national grand prix since the 19 secretarys. >> for now, they are just the stars here. this is all part of the raz ma
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taz that goes with the big raise but it's in the driving seat these women earn respect. they want more women to do the same. andrew thomas, al jazeera. and there is more news on our website, just go to >> this week on talk to al jazeera - the president of liberia ellen johnson sirleaf. >> my life story of fighting and getting up and being beaten and rising again and fighting for the things i believe in. >> the first woman elected to lead an african country has spent almost a decade rebuilding post-conflict liberia. >> people were tired of war. war was seen as something that had been initiated and carried on largely by men.